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Who does what at KECO Coatings

KECO Engineered Coatings, Inc. is a nationally recognized industry leader specializing in developing and applying lab-tested and technically superior coatings. KECO’s coatings have the ability to increase the quality and performance of a product while maintaining its integrity as well as decreasing the overall labor costs and production expense.

In addition to 37 years of experience, KECO Coatings has a wide range of coatings we apply in-house that includes but are not limited to dry film lube, liquids, powders, corrosion resistant coatings, plasma, wire arc, and Urethane

KECO Engineered Coatings houses two locations in Indianapolis at both South Kealing Avenue and West 16th Street. We also service customers in our Statesville, NC Facility. KECO Coatings has the capacity to develop the exact coating process you need for your precise application.

KECO Coatings is one of 23 licensed Chemours Teflon® industrial applicators (LIAs) in the U.S. KECO’s signature coating portfolio includes antimicrobial, automated powder, ceramics, dry film lube, epoxy, liquid, plasma, thermal barrier thermoplastic, and plasma. KECO’s service industries include aircraft, automotive, CPI, food processing, HVAC, lighting, OEM, packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, transportation, and more.

KECO dedicates a significant amount of resources to guarantee the quality and reliability of its products. It is an integral part of KECO’s mission and substantiated through its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Because of this knowledge we are afforded the opportunity to accommodate many different people, different needs, and different size parts.


South Kealing Avenue:

Our South Kealing Avenue facility is where a large amount of our specialty coating work goes to. The facility is able to accommodate our entire catalog of coatings we offer from powder coating to non-stick coatings and plasma coatings.

16th Street:

Located down 16th street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, KECO Coatings supports a powder coating facility that handles our high volume powder coating jobs as well batch loads of powder coating work.

North Carolina:

Statesville North Carolina

Much like our facility on South Kealing Avenue in Indianapolis KECO Coatings manages a facility that can handle both powder coatings as well as more complicated coatings like non-stick and plasma.

No matter who you decide to call, we have the capability to attend to a variety of projects, and we develop our products for your specific needs. KECO Coatings strives to provide superior quality the first time, on-time, every time, and we are committed to helping our clients succeed.

The website you are on right now hosts a plethora of coatings knowledge and provides direct access to our team that is ready, able, and eager to answer your questions.