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Ceramic/Thermal Barrier Coatings Offer Enhanced Temperature Resistance

A common attribute needed for coatings is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. With that in mind, KECO Coatings developed its KECO 400 line of ceramic coatings. KECO 400 was designed to withstand high temperatures in ranges of 800F -1800F, which is important to KECO’s portfolio, as it offers customers working with extreme temperatures an option that goes above and beyond Teflon.

“Teflon coatings typically can withstand temperatures up to 500F to 550F intermittently, which means when we have a customer with an application where the parts see temperatures above what Teflon can handle, we automatically look to our KECO 400 coatings as a solution,” said Megan Jones, KECO Coatings Sales & Marketing Manager. “While performing in high temp environments is one of their main attributes, we have also found that these coatings can offer chemical resistance and even some non-stick characteristics depending on the application.”

KECO has found ways to pair different coatings to provide thermal barrier and non-stick products specific to a customer’s needs. “When one of our coatings is not able to perform in an atmosphere such as direct high heat, we combine them to offer something that will work to give our customers the best solution to whatever difficulties they may be having in their production,” said Megan. “KECO offers thermal barrier coatings that can be applied to plastics and carbon fiber, as well as higher heat resistant coatings that can be applied to metal to provide the best thermal barrier attributes.”

KECO’s 400 series usually is discussed with customers when the atmosphere is above 500F, but they can also be applied when a part encounters material that has an extremely high temp on its own. KECO 400 is meant to protect the product it is applied to against things like high temp exhausts or molten material.

“KECO is different from others that apply thermal barrier coatings because we take our customer’s needs and combined with our expertise and years of experience, as well as the relationships we have with vendors, develop a custom solution,” Megan said. “While we offer a variety of coatings in our KECO 400 series, we are always learning what these coatings can do. This allows us to combine coatings to produce a superior solution. We strive for quality the first time, every time, and are proud of our 5-7 business day lead time for completing work.”

Always adapting to customers’ needs, If KECO does not have an immediate solution to the customer’s issue, the company relies on its more than 40 years of coating development to find an appropriate and effective resolution. “What sets us apart is we don’t just look in our current portfolio,” said Megan. “We are always in development stages with our partners and vendors to help us be better coating applicators and stay on top of the newest coating solutions. This allows us to provide our customers with a product that addresses their situation.”