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KECO Coatings

Designed for corrosion resistance, durability, part protection, and wear resistance, these coatings are appropriate for vibratory feeder bowls, racks, dust collectors, and cyclones, plus they can help control many caustic acid and saltwater corrosion problems. KECO’s urethane products will adhere to metal and most common surfaces and can be applied a various thicknesses.

K-Kote: A urethane coating that provides excellent wear properties and noise abatement, this coating can be textured to provide additional grip for heavy or oily parts. An air cure coating, it does require a 72-hour full cure cycle after application.

K-Kote+: Featuring all the benefits of K-Kote, this coating contain Tungsten carbide to add further wear resistance.

NORMAC: Designed to resist tearing, chipping, grinding, and pounding, it provides excellent noise reduction. The number one coating in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Germany, and North America for vibratory feeding bowls, NORMAC is a fairly smooth air cure coating that requires a 72-hour full cure cycle after application.