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Abrasion/Wear Resistant

KECO CoatingsKECO provides a variety of coatings and technologies to combat abrasion and wear, including thermal spray coatings such as flame spray, wire arc, plasma, and HVOF for the most demanding conditions. Material selections include tungsten carbide, chrome oxide, chrome carbide, and moly-nickel-chrome-boron. For less severe applications, KECO offers Surlyn® coatings, urethane coatings, and ceramic reinforced Teflon®.

KECO 600: A thermal, plasma, wire arc, metalizing and flame spray, applications include chromium carbide, chromium oxide, tungsten carbide cobalt, and others that are designed for long-term performance. Formulated for thermal barrier, plus wear and surface restoration, the strength and density of this plasma coating makes it a favored option for equipment protection and refinishing. Able to resist temperatures up to 500°F and down to cryogenic temperatures, examples of applications include shafts, exhaust components, industrial knives, and idler rollers. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

KECO 100-HAG: A PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) reinforced powder coating offering great non-stick properties, this coating is also formulated to provide abrasion and scratch resistance. Offering a smooth finish in light grey, it offers a three-coat overlay and it has release characteristics. The coating has a maximum temperature range of 500°F continuous and with a thickness of .005-.0010.