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KECO Coatings

Coatings that provide excellent wear, chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, these are great in applications where part protection, sound deadening, and a more durable finish then a regular powder coat is needed. These coatings can be applied in several different applications.

Abcite-Suryln: Specially developed for excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance with high impact strength and good weathering capability, KECO has used this coating on vibratory feeder bowls with tremendous success. Available in a wide range of colors and featuring quality edge coverage, it offers good adhesion without primer plus has high impact strength, is chip resistant, and features elongation. This coating, which force cures at 450F, has no organic solvents and can be combined with a plasma coating to add texture. With a maximum temperature range of 200°F continuous, it meets FDA standards for direct food contact and has USDA compliance for “within the product zone” applications. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

Beast: Known for providing long-term protection for metal against demanding climates without damaging the environment, this versatile and durable coating is BPA and VOC free. Available in a wide variety of colors, it is highly effective within many applications, including fencing, pipes and fittings, playground equipment, automotive, lighting columns, exterior furniture, handrails, and construction. Offering superior resistance to salt, sea, sand, and sun, it is also vandal and graffiti resistant. Providing excellent coverage of edges and welds, it is not necessary to apply a primer and there will be very low smoke in the event of fire. Click here for Product Data Sheet.