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KECO Continues Speedweek Participation

KECOKECO Coatings will once again be participating in the upcoming Daytona 500 Speedweek, not at the wheel racing but behind the “scenes” with our different coating processes utilized on the participating vehicles. KECO provides performance coating services to participants in different racing series including the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity, ARCA, Truck Series, and IMSA. In addition, the company supplies performance coating services to go-karts, motorcycles, midget cars, and sprint cars.

The coating processes that are utilized on the types of vehicles that will be seen racing around the Daytona area during Speedweek include the following:


Designed as the most intense heat shielding barrier, withstanding temperatures up to 2000°F, KECO XL2000™ is engineered especially for turbos, high-performance diesel, and racing applications. Intended to be applied primarily to exhaust components, its properties will remain color-stable and stain resistant. As a result of its unique ceramic nature, the coating also functions as a very effective thermal barrier, with reduced thermal radiation characteristics. The coating cures to a hard, durable surface with excellent adhesion.


KECOKECO’s portfolio consists of hundreds of fluoropolymer formulations, including Teflon®, PTFE®, FEP®, and Teflon® PFA®, all designed to offer a wide range of nonstick attributes. More specifically, the high-performance fluoropolymers provide low-friction surfaces, increase efficiency and longevity, and enable automotive parts to withstand harsh environments, according to KECO’s coatings will release virtually any substance, including ink, glue, food, paint, varnish, adhesives, foam, rubber, and plastic. The applications include but are not limited to, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and glass. KECO has been applying Teflon® Industrial Coatings for more than 40 years and is one of only 23 applicators in the United States licensed by Chemours.


KECODeveloped for performance racing applications, KEPHOS is a phosphate-based coating applied at .0005-.0007 thickness. Providing a touch of black finish, KEPHOS offers excellent resistance against chemicals, impact, abrasion, and corrosion. Superior in performance to black oxide, bluing, and tool black, the thin film is unaffected by solvents, oil, or cutting lubricants.

KECO 500 Dry Film Lubricants

KECOA resin-bonded lubricant coating, KECO 500 is designed to provide dry film lubrication for a variety of industrial, commercial, and military applications. Offering solid film lubrication, it meets requirements for chemical resistance, anti-galling, and wear resistance of military specifications. Providing lifetime lubrication for components that are inaccessible after assembly, it functions reliably even after long periods with no maintenance. Effective performance is achieved even with thin films, .0003 inches (8 microns) thick, so there is little interference if any with operating tolerances.

For more information on KECO Coatings processes and products, visit our websiteemail, or call 800-336-5326.