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On the Move with Megan Jones

I was recently on the phone with a customer that had trouble with a metal conveyor belt. Blasdel, which manufactures the conveyor, reached out because this particular belt was moving hot extruded material that can overflow on the metal conveyor and cause disruption of the process.

The KECO team was ready and happy to help. We understood the coating we needed to provide had to withstand heat up to under 500F and release the sticky extruded material. A decision was made to utilize our KECO 100 Series.

July 2023_Blasdel Conveyor

We had to overcome that the conveyor belt was 40-feet long, which is bigger than our Teflon curing ovens. Working with Blasdel, the solution was to provide 10-foot sections, and we were able to coat the belt successfully.


By applying KECO 100 non-stick coating to the metal belt, we solved our customer’s problem of material sticking during the production process, helping the customer avoid process disruption.


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