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Heat Resistant

KECO CoatingsKECO has been applying heat resistant thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) since 1980. This coating technology, which was originally developed in the aircraft industry, has been successfully transferred to high-performance industries requiring processes resistant to severe temperature and chemical environments. Industries served include automotive, die-casting, glass containers, and thermal processing. Our portfolio includes KECO 400B, a low-cost TBC that resists up to 2000°F, which is used on racecar exhaust systems.

KECO 400: A metallic ceramic coating with performance characteristics of a dry film lubricant, this coating is formulated for thermal barrier applications. Heat resistant up to 1200°F, KECO 400 resists most aggressive organic and inorganic solvents. It can be used in a variety of applications, including on glass containers, turbine engines, discs, spacers mufflers, exhaust pipes, manifolds, and engine bolts. Click here for Product Data Sheet.

KECO 600: A thermal, plasma, wire arc, metalizing and flame spray, applications include chromium carbide, chromium oxide, tungsten carbide cobalt, and others that are designed for long-term performance. Formulated for thermal barrier, plus wear and surface restoration, the strength and density of this plasma coating makes it a favored option for equipment protection and refinishing. Able to resist temperatures up to 500°F and down to cryogenic temperatures, examples of applications include shafts, exhaust components, industrial knives, and idler rollers. Click here for Product Data Sheet.