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Mold Release

KECO offers a complete line of advanced Teflon® and thermal spray coating products for most common mold release applications, including EPS foam packaging, thermoforming, and rotational molding. We pride ourselves in supplying the molding industry with innovative processes of superior quality.

Product Attributes
• Eliminate or minimize in-process mold release
• Improve quality
• In-process texturing options for fabricated tooling
• Nonstick mold release
• Reduced downtime
• Variable release options

EPS & EPP Foam Mold Tooling for…
• Consumer electronics packaging
• Energy absorbent automotive bumpers and door panel components
• Helmets
• Point-of-purchase merchandising
• Watercraft

Rubber Mold Tooling for…
• Conveyor belts
• Golf balls
• Shoes

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