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What is Halar and more

What is Halar?:

Halar ETCFE coating is one of the many applications offered at KECO Engineered Coatings facilities. Heralded as being a strong and resistant coating, Halar is applied in a similar fashion to powder coating by spraying parts with the material through a coating gun.

Halar ETCFE is comprised of Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene (A mouthful). Halar can be applied at different thickness variations and can be applied as a pin-hole free solution. Halar ETCFE is a strong coating choice for your application for its unique set of properties.

These Properties Include:

  • High Impact Strength.
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Resistant to Corrosion
  • High Electrical Resistivity
  • Low Dielectric Constant
  • Superior Cryogenic Properties, (Withstanding up to -150°F)
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 300°F
  • Coating Thickness: .010”-.040”

What can it be used on?

  • Vessels
  • Reactors
  • Semiconductor chemical storage tanks and ductwork
  • Piping systems
  • Centrifuges
  • Agitators
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Filters
  • Electroplating equipment
  • and MORE

More information:

For more information on what we do with Halar, to get a quote on your job or just to get more information on what KECO Engineered Coatings INC. can do for you check out our live chat on our website. Fill out a contact form or simply call or text us!