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Save Money and Time: KECO Coatings and the Printing and Packaging Industry















KECO Engineered Coatings, Inc. is All Coatings, All Applications, All Industries, ONE COMPANY. Therefore, KECO is constantly striving to explore any new coatings, applications, and industries that KECO may be able to provide or service.

KECO is Proud to showcase our Experience and Applications within the Packaging & Printing Industry.

KECO has been working with the Packaging & Printing industry for several years, and has obtained a wide range of knowledge within the trade. KECO uses that experience in order to continue thriving within the industry and help speed up applications and processes serving companies involved in flexible, folding carton, corrugated, tag and label, sheet-fed, as well as offset printing.

KECO Coatings offers many benefits to the Packaging & Printing industry – the most prominent being the quick and easy cleanup times provided by KECO’s Non-Stick Coatings. Uncoated pans struggle to be cleaned efficiently, resulting in harsh chemicals being used to thoroughly cleanse them. This can lead to excess time and money being spent on the proper maintenance of the pans. However, KECO’s Non-Stick Coating provides a safe and durable finish that allows productivity and clean up time to be reduced by 50%!

As a result, they are able to work faster, get more done, and have the peace of mind to know that their rollers, ink pens, or whatever it may be will be cleaned out better than it has before.

Other attributes our coatings have provided are:

  • Non-Stick
  • Solvent and Chemical resistant
  • Conductive nonstick surface minimizes the static build-up
  • Traction and release (for idler rollers)