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Home » KECO Coatings is officially AAMA 2605 certified!

KECO Coatings is officially AAMA 2605 certified!

KECO Engineered Coatings Inc is continuously striving for new and inventive methods to serve our customers and in 2020, it’s no different.

Recently, KECO Engineered Coatings, Inc. has been able to be certified to spray powder coatings that meet the AAMA 2605 standard… what does that mean exactly?

Powder Coating(s) continue to play a crucial role in the architectural world. Powder coating allows for visual enhancements to many architectural structures while improving and extending the life of many things you see out in the community from window frames to building accessories and MORE!

The AAMA certificate is for the security of architectural pieces while providing a peace of mind to those putting the time and effort into their art. The certificates grants KECO Coatings the ability to provide the most sustainable metal protection to your work.

Sound interesting? Want to know if it will work for your job? Don’t hesitate to call us, email us, chat with us, or fill out a contact form and let a representative know that you are interested in the AAMA Certification and to learn more about it.


AAMA 2605 Certified (002)