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Challenge Accepted: KECO Coating’s Tagline

KECO Coatings has become an industry leader in the Teflon, liquid coating, powder coating, and a number of other coating related industries. Since its inception 30 plus years ago KECO Coatings has continued to learn and better itself in every part of it’s business.

In the last few years KECO has adopted the following position in the coating industry. We are “All Coatings, All Applications. All Industries ONE COMPANY.” A simple phrase with a deeper meaning.

KECO Coatings wants to be a central hub for the coating industry no matter what the requirements are we want to be the people you come to for answers. What does this mean for our customers?  It means that there is no need to pass on quoting a fabrication job because you don’t know what the paint specification is or spending hours looking a coating. Just call us- We will have the answers.

KECO has worked hard on partnering with some of the best companies to ensure we have a source for all your coating needs. Even if we can’t fulfill the need in house or the part(s) you need coated require an additional process that we aren’t able to do we can reach out to our partners and be your one stop shop.

The important part for us is that you feel you can come to us for that information. We understand that finding a coater can be stressful and not knowing who to reach out to can cause you to pass up opportunities for your business. That’s why KECO has positioned itself to be

“All Coatings. All Applications. All Industries. ONE COMPANY”

Call us, visit our website, or jump on the chat! Put us to work for you today!