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Teflon Attributes Enhance Coating’s Popularity

Teflon Attributes Enhance Coating’s PopularityWhen it comes to the best known coatings, Teflon® is widely considered the most popular, which is due to its characteristics. Teflon coating is known for producing a non-stick, slippery surface too which most things, commonly food, will not stick. However, Teflon has several more attributes that can be used on many different applications. These include insulating, high temperature resistance, conductivity, and non-stick.

“There is a reason Teflon is so popular in everyday cookware,” said Megan Jones, KECO Coatings Sales & Marketing Manager. “Teflon’s non-stick characteristic makes it impossible for things like adhesives, food, ink, labels, paint, tape, etc. to adhere to coated surfaces. It is also used to operate in temperatures from cryogenic to 500°F and depending on the chemistry 550°F intermittently. This makes Teflon a superior product, as it offers more options for unique applications in which temperatures affect functionality.”

Another popular characteristic is chemical resistance. “Steel and aluminum would deteriorate in a corrosive environment without any type of protection, but Teflon easily protects them, creating a much longer application lifespan,” Megan said.

When it comes to applying Teflon, KECO Coatings is one of only 22 companies that has received its applicator license from DuPont, meaning it has demonstrated it has the proper equipment to apply Teflon. Megan further explained KECO must also maintain a certain level of workmanship and skill that the license requires. “The LIA program through Chemours selects the best Teflon applicators that can provide the knowledge and expertise to properly suggest how their coatings should be applied in different applications. KECO has now become an industry leader in applying functional coatings,” she said.

Other aspects that sets KECO apart is its commitment to superior customer service, a wide variety of coatings that extend further than Teflon, and short lead times. “We always strive to maintain a 5-7 business day turnaround time, as we know equipment that needs to be coated is typically vital in production,” said Megan.

Within its product offerings, KECO has a variety of Teflon coatings available:

  • KECO 100: a one-coat coating that offers lubricity, chemical resistance, and slick surfaces.
  • KECO 100P: a multiple application offering excellent non-stick, insulating, and chemical resistance in any environment.
  • KECO 100C: a reinforced Teflon coating offering abrasion resistance and release characteristics.
  • KECO 500: offers lubricity similar to a dry film lubricant.

“With our expertise in Teflon, we understand the expectations of what our customers desire and suggest the coating that will best help in their particular application,” Megan said.

For example, Megan explained KECO coatings are applied in situations where engineers specified Teflon coatings on prints, but most commonly if there is a problem that a slick non-stick surface may be able to resolve. “Customer problems could range from substrates being exposed to extreme chemicals or temperatures, to a loss of product due to the product sticking in the production line,” she said. “I always try to find out from our customers what expectations they have of the coating, which usually leads to a recommendation of how we can help. We have a huge variety of customers in industries such as printing and packaging, food processing, and more.”

With its varied equipment, KECO is able to coat small and large quantities of product. “We treat every part the same, no matter if we’re running five pieces or 5,000. Plus, as mentioned previously, we are always determined to complete the job within the 5-7 business day timeframe,” Megan said.

Operating under the slogan “All Coatings, All Applications, All Industries. ONE Company,” KECO and its skilled staff are considered experts in the coatings industry because of the more than 40 years they have been applying Teflon. “We take pride in offering exceptional coatings to solve customer issues when it comes to production and efficiency,” said Megan.

For more information about Teflon coatings available from KECO Coatings or any of its other products as well as the industries served, visit our website, email us, or call 800-336-5326.