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KECO 100P Coating Used on Helmer Lab Freezers Designed to Store COVID-19 Vaccine

KECO Coatings

Coating provides release properties on templates used in the assembling of some of the freezers’ inner workings.

KECO Coatings has recently worked with Helmer Scientific in Noblesville, IN, on the application of KECO 100P Coating on templates for Helmer’s Ultra low-temp freezers. The freezers can go to temperatures of -86C and are designed for the storage of COVID 19 vaccine vials.

The templates are coated with KECO 100P in specific areas to prevent the application of the insulation from sticking where not wanted on the freezer’s inner workings.The use of the KECO coating replaced the need to wrap the tool in plastic, then apply an aerosol release product. Through the use of KECO 100P Coating, the mold comes out clean, leaving the desired void, with no cleanup or preparation to use again. In addition, it saves about 45 minutes of production time per unit.

A story on the NBC Nightly News features the Helmer’s ULT freezer model behind the Massachusetts General Hospital Chief Pharmacist speaking to the reporter on camera.

KECO CoatingsThe KECO 100P Coating is a non-stick powder application utilizing PFA chemistry. Designed to help prevent corrosion and provide excellent release, the FDA-compliant coating is also a great candidate for chemical resistance, as it is corrosion resistant for aggressive organic and inorganic solvents. The KECO 100P has a coating thickness of .001” to .004” and in addition to functioning at cryogenic temperatures, its maximum temperature is 500°F. A two-part composite Teflon® offers a durable and very smooth finish. Additional applications include…

  • Ink Pans
  • Heat Sealing Bars
  • Doctor Blade Chambers
  • Ink Sumps
  • Food/Chemical Mixers
  • Rollers
  • KECO CoatingsHoppers
  • Food Molds
  • Augers
  • Press Plates
  • Feeder Bowls

KECO Helmer Case Study

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