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Antimicrobial Powder Coatings in a COVID World

By Megan Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager

KECO CoatingsKECO Coatings is offering powder coatings with antimicrobial characteristics. Working with vendors who have designed products that help inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces, the technology involves adding silver ions to the chemistry of the different powders in order to prevent bacteria from spreading and growing.

KECO can offer this coating in a couple different ways and in a variety of colors. The antimicrobial powder can be added to certain RAL colors of powder to enhance products with silver ion technology, which gives the coating its ability to inhibit bacteria from growing on surfaces. While the coating doesn’t completely prevent bacteria, it does impede the spread of bacteria on surfaces to which it is applied.

This coating can be applied to metal surfaces that have been properly prepped with best powder coating practices, such as media blasting or iron phosphate pre-treatment. The coating comes in different powder coating chemistries to accommodate both indoor and outdoor use. KECO has applied these coatings for outdoor water fountains, metal toilets and bathroom equipment, door handles and knobs, and metal lighting fixtures in clean room areas.